Tuesday, December 21, 2010

If "Tis the Season" Means THIS...

Tis the Season to Lose All Reason

Phooey!  I don't like it and don't want it.  For some crazy reason, I have been stuck on stoopid all day again. 

Things started at 4am when Pig Pen's cell phone rang.  Any time a cell goes off at random hours, it spells trouble.  Well, LLL's plow blew a hydraulic and he needed help.  No biggee, all good now. 

But did I go back to bed?  Nope.  Knew I should have.  Instead, I made coffee and started in for the day. 

I ran into town.

Came home and wrapped presents.  Forgot half my head.

I ran into town.

To the Post Office this time.  Yup, I am one of those horrible people who mails Christmas goodies to a few friends...late.  My excuse?  Stoopid.

Then by the time I got home and start cracking on some handmade goodies, daggummit...I ran out of things I needed.  I always did stink at math.

I ran into town.

Guess what?  I ran out of stuff again.  I am either really really stuck on stoopid or I need to take my shoes off and use my toes next time too.

Now I refuse to go to town again.  Straight up not doing it.  Three times is more than I run in a week sometimes!

Then I went to grab something out of my purse and LO AND BEHOLD, the nice little cards that were supposed to accompany the packages I sent...in my purse.  They should be in packages en route (late).


And I thought my only problem was that I feel just a smidgen under the weather.  Heck, I am under a massive brain fog.

So if this is the season, then yeah, I've lost it.  How bout you's?  Or am I stuck all by my lonesome?

Where's my damn hat????


  1. I truly think our brains are on overload these days anyway. Toss in the holidays with all they entail and no one stands a fighting chance. It seems that for the past two weeks, I keep getting hit with "Oh gosh, I should have done that" or "Why couldn't I have managed to get this done earlier." I feel like I've come up short on so many counts. But at the same time I don't feel I'm taking good enough care of myself either, so I'm trying not to let the great, big, gray funk get me.

    Omigosh, see what you unleased? No, hon, you're not in this by your lonesome. We're all struggling right along with you.

  2. It's that damn doll! It put a spell on you. Haven't you ever seen a horror movie, once you unearth the evil it wreaks havoc on everything it touches. I think you need a silver bullet or a wooden stake or something. Hurry before it is too late. Redrum

  3. MamaPea, thanks for the encouragement! And by all means do NOT let it float thru cyber space and bite you too! I would be very very mad at myself if that happened.

    Jane, did you know that Redrum is one of my favorite words? Heehee, always makes me laugh! The Doll, yes, the doll must die!

  4. Holiday craziness! Too much to do and too little time to do it in. Fortunately it's only once a year. :)

  5. Hey are you baking without your jenny girl i really miss you.And i have your gift so i hope we can go out next week let me know

  6. You are definitely not alone! Waaaay too much to do, in waaaay to little time. Hang in there, darlin girl. Head will meet body in plenty of time to enjoy the holidays!

  7. Leigh, you got that right! If it were more often we'd all be bonkers!

    Jenny, we can talk about days but it wont be until after the first of the year at this point. Call me later and we can figure it out.

    Susan, I love the picture that painted! Head meeting up with body. Truth, right!! It's a funny visual :0)

  8. Are you getting like me with "some timers"? No, I have "more timers" and that is close to " all timers" as you can get.