Monday, December 6, 2010

Wicked Weekend!

After the lovely snow on Saturday, Sunday meant a trek to the City.  Why oh was sooo cold!  But us girls had plans! 

I saw this play several years back and absolutely loved it!  I always said it was a musical I would certainly pay twice to see!  So when my friend Caitlin about blew her top that it was back to town for a brief encore, she quickly orchestrated the day!  We left super early and were pleasantly surprised to find the Kris Kringle Market was in town! 
Years ago, I was very lucky to have visited Germany and Austria! 
The Fortress Court Yard, Salzburg, Austria

View from The Fortress in Salzburg, Austria
Heidlberg Castle, Germany

View from Heidlberg Castle

Neuschwanstein Castle - Disney Castle was inspired by this.

Memorial Wall at the Dachau, Germany Concentration Camp.  In five different languages, it reads "Never Again"
As solemn as it sounds, everyone should visit at least once in their lifetimes so that it never happens again.

Bread and Pretzel Market
The Governator would be happy to hear that hands down - Salzburg, Austria was my favorite!  Whenever I get the chance to reminisce the wonderful sights, sounds and food...I am first in line!
Of course first on my list yesterday was Beer!  My love affair with great German beer hasn't ceased!  The other girls went for a great German Riesling and hot spiced wine.  But I will never pass on German Beer!

None of the girls had ever tried Potato Pancakes, so I had to get a plate and twist their you can see!

I will say this, they were only ok.  Just smooshed up hash browns really.  My Mom makes killer Potato Pancakes like this:

Leftover Mashed Potatoes
Chopped Onion
Salt and Pepper (I love lots of salt on these!)
Mix until nice and gloppy!  They should hold together and be just a bit sticky.
Drop in dollops on a nice hot skillet and pat the top with a bit more flour and fry.

I can eat these hot or cold.  They are to die for!  The problem is -there isn't a clear cut recipe.  None of the oldies but goodies are 'clear cut', are they?

And for some reason, Mom makes'em better! Even though I can make them myself.  Sort of like cookies ;o) 

Did I mention it was cold yesterday?  When we got home, the thermometer read 7 degrees!  It's only December!  It should be thirty-seven or even twenty-seven degrees!!!

But it really was a great day!  I don't go to the city often and usually it's dreadful thoughts to get me there, but once I did, and with the Market to boot, I was very glad we went! 

Wicked is an awesome musical!  If you ever get the chance to'll love it!  Thank you ladies, for a wonderful day!

Are there places you have visited that bring you joy and wish you could visit time again?  Have you ever been to a play or musical you would go to again and again?


  1. My Mom used to make the potato pancakes with mashed potatoes too. I love them. Boy I wish we have pretzel markets here. I love me a good soft pretzel. That's what is great about Europe, the village. Everything you need where you live. Glad you girls had fun.

  2. Fabulous! Sounds like a great time. The potato pancake "recipe" is great and I will have to use it - every time we have tried to make them here they never turn out.

    German beer - YUM!!!!

    A show I would visit again? Well I was in Joseph/Technicolor Dreamcoat when it toured with Donny Osmond (I was in jr high and in the kids choir). I've seen a lot of shows, not sure what I would want to see again (Les Mis is always good) but I think next on my list to see is Spring Awakening. Love the cd but so many of the songs I can't listen to with the kids in the car!!!

  3. I've never had potato pancakes made with mashed potatoes ( I've never even heard of them ), I've only made them with grated potatoes. But, I can tell that I would love these (what's not to love about anything with mashed potatoes?!?). I'm going to give your mom's way a try. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Jane, that is just one of many things I loved about Europe! Corner Markets every where! I think for the most part, they don't even have big fridges in their homes as they go out WALKING on a regular basis to the corner for what they need. And oooooh the breads! Phenominal!

    Which is why I am ever so patiently waiting for MamaPeas Heidlberg Rye...sighhhhh ;o)

    MamaTea, I have never heard of Spring Awakening. Does that make me more of a Bumpkin? Les Mis is one I would like to get to also!

    Heather, I think they do make them with shredded traditionally. But Mom always used leftover mashed potatoes. I know...who has leftovers??? Don't be afraid of the egg and flour. Gloppy but not gooey. haahaha! How to interpert THAT???

  5. MamaTea...I forgot, us girls need to get together and beer swap! We'd be in the bag with our kind of 'beer tasting'. Fun fun!!!

  6. MMM...Potato pancakes! I grate the potato and onion too, (my mashed just fall apart). Where have these girls BEEN?

    Show I would see again? Tony Bennett and his trio, (I forget the trio's name)

    Amazing concert about 15 years ago. He played in an old theatre in Columbus Ohio and at the end of it, Tony asked that everything be disconnected. He wanted to show the audience why old theaters like that needed to be be preserved. Tony sang "acappella". No music, no electronics...just him. Gave me chills and brought tears to my eyes.

  7. Tami, they're youngen's! I was more or less the chaperone trying to broaden their horizons ;o) I am at least 12 years older than the little sprouts! I thought everyone ate potato pancakes too! I bet Tony singing acappella would be a sight and sound to hear for sure. And you touched on something as well, yes the theaters are amazing!! All the detail and history! If those walls could talk, imagine all the wonderful things we'd hear!

  8. i want some of grams potato pancakes

  9. Sounds like you had a fabulous time! I love the market! My favorite part of going to the city this time of year!

  10. Gorgeous pictures of Germany and Austria!

    Looks like you gals had a great trip to the big city. I love stage plays/musicals but our distance away (from everything!) sure limits seeing many. Even though it was cold, with the market it was a nice time to go.

  11. P.S. Believe it or not, I was thinking just today about needing to get that Heidelberg Rye recipe posted. I may be slow but I'm . . . I'm . . . I'm what? Reliable? Trust-worthy? Responsible? Okay, just slow.

  12. Germany and Austria are two places I would absolutely love to visit someday. Lucky you! Tell your Mom thanks for the recipe!

    Sounds like you had a really fun outing.

  13. JennyGirl, then get your fanny over here! I don't deliver! I've been meaning to tell you thanks for helping me wrap presents this year too...

    MamaPea, good things come to those who wait! There ain't a slow bone in your body woman! Nor any of the others. But now you know besides my love of rye, why your bread piqued my interest -for it's namesake. Awesome place! And even though I do live within driving distance of those attractions, I hardly go btw. Trade ya??? Pleeeeease??? Purdy?

    Leigh, before we went I started watching Rick Steeves. He airs on a local PBS station here. Anyway, he gives phenominal insight and recommendations on Europian travel. I followed his advice when I could and was SO happy. Oh how I would love to go for much longer and take in even more places! Maybe when you get the new stove and kitchen all squared away you can start a new piggy bank?

    Jan, I actually wouldn't mind going back and taking more time to go in each and every little nook and cranny! You pick it (and drive!) and I'll stick it!

  14. I have a friend that is german, and gosh the great german food when I go visit her at least 3 times a year. German beer is the bestest.
    As for tater cakes, I make mine like ya momma does with leftover mashed taters. And fried in lard. omg so good. The tater cakes made from shredded taters are called Latkes. A traditional german thing. Try tater cakes with a lil apple sauce smeared on em, dang make ya take back stuff ya didnt steal. lol

  15. You wrap the gifts already because i am sorry i will not be over this weekend or next because that is my christmas dance

  16. I spent 24 years in the military. Liberty ports all over the MED. The two best were Stockholm Sweden and any place in Isriel!
    Loved the people and the food was great!

  17. Erin, you are a girl after my own heart!

    Stella, you continue to crack me up with your way and words! Take back stuff ya didn't steal!! That's another keeper!

    Tom...Welcome and Thank You for commenting! Aside from the men in my family...I do believe you shall forever more hold title for the first guy to comment on my blog and I am thrilled!

    That said, you must have seen alot of spectacular places in the military! Sweden would for sure be on my list! My Step-Dad was Swedish and of course I loved the food! Krengla! Isrial would be so rich in history and faith I could hardly imagine.

    And I want to say to you Tom, Thank You!! For serving our country. I love our Vets! So glad you were able to come back home to us!