Monday, December 27, 2010

The Fat Man Hillbilly Style

In blog hopping the past week or so, there has been alot of talk about "You know you are a homesteader when..."  Everything you want comes from a Tractor Supply store!  Who doesn't love a Tractor Supply store?  So this one is dedicated to how we do the Fat Man Hillbilly Style and from the "Fun" Store...

First, we unwrap our gifts wrong...upside down, inside out, whatever works:
Then we take the innocent and corrupt them thoroughly:
What?  No - who, would wrap a 3yr olds present in camo?
Moreover, what's in it???

Oh, the who part goes without saying, right?

And this 'Big Girl' got something too...
Yeah, baby!  Look I come!  Pig Pen got me a gun and scope!  (He forgot bullets, HA!)  That's ok though, he picked some up on his way home yesterday and I got to try it out!  15 rounds and only 2 misses from 50 yards!  Practice  - Practice!

And the little terd got me a Keurig also.  Waaay overboard.  And you already know how horribly he wrapped my Birthday presents.  Well, it was a darn good thing my brother got me a Buck knife.  It came in pretty handy.
Yes, I did get Pig Pen his wretched Wader Pants.  We also managed to get each other Chicken stuff.  Feeders, waterers, scoops etc.  Oh, and my SIL got me Chicken Poop Boots!  I was very excited about those!  :0) 
Now if I could ever get Pig Pen out and about in that 5th wheel, we can use the nice double burner propane cook top I got him too!
Oh...can't forget the big reveal on his quilt!  This is what I worked on at Retreat.
This one didn't come from a Tractor Supply Store, but it still fits the bill!  My MIL remembered me ogling over Jane's and got me one! 
Can ya see it??  See...people listen!
My Dad and Connie got us more trays for our dehydrator too!  Yup, whatever we can do to keep the food!  Yeah!!!  And my SIL Jen is wanting more breads (haha!), so she got us a long loaf pan and hamburger bun pan too!

And this one, I know you guys will love!  My SIL Meagan made this binder up for me.  Now, will you just look at the title???  Darn TP!!!!  HA!
She loaded it up, first with a very nice letter (cuz that's what Meg does) and then printed out pages of neat projects and DIY things!  So I can't wait to try them out and report back!

The days were long, lots of fun and more to come...I think I need a nap!  Hillbilly Christmases...awesome!  But I swear I can't get unburied!  And there is lots of that to do...because if you can't tell, our family is full of very generous, giving and loving people.  This barely touches the tip of the iceberg and to all of them, thank-you!  We love and appreciate everything so much...even when we know it humors you ;o)


  1. Love the pictures, and the pink gun! We were gonna get one of those a few years ago for the youngest, but we couldn't find any her size (she was 5'7" at 12 years old). Got lots of fun ideas from your Hillbilly Christmas! Hubby got a box of shells from one daughter and a gift certificate for the local huntin' shop from the other, so we are redneckin' it!

  2. Hope, and it even came with the little pink safety glasses! I would say if your daughter is that tall, she skips the 'youth' models and goes straight to the big guns ;) Me...I'm stuck with the youth ones. It's the only ones that fit!!! Nothin wrong with redneckin' it!!

  3. Looks like you had a wild, wacky, wonderful Christmas with lots of loved ones. You got some pretty neat gifts, too. Redneckin' it or not, why shouldn't you get what you want?? Thanks for sharing all the great pics.

  4. If I was your SIL I would require that the barbie gun only be used at Aunt APG's House. Giving a kid a gun and then going home. Sneaky. Looks like you guys had a great time.

  5. MamaPea, things always get whacky where we are involved but it's always fun at least!

    Jane, guns and sugar, who knew they worked the same way???

  6. WE still have to do are Christmas stuff.And i hope to see you guys soon.I really do miss not getting pick on

  7. you guys are the best! Lets start cooking!

  8. Looks like you guys had a great Xmas! If i were Jenny and Eric I'd kick your ass for getting my baby a bb gun! J/K LOL Next thing you know Jenny she's gonna b putting makeup on Addie and then prolly Blake too! You know I love you Diana and your sick sense of humor. :)

  9. I enjoyed this post so much. Thanks for all the great photos and commentary! I got some chicken poop boots for Christmas too, though not nearly as pretty as yours. :) Love the binder. Your SIL sounds like a keeper. Oh, and you're definitely right about Tractor Supply!

  10. Julee, you are darn lucky I didn't do that to Colton, but for being a smart butt, I think I will next time. Maybe even a dress. Maybe I'll take all 4 kids now and mess with all of them!!

    Leigh, yeah!!! You got chicken poop boots!!! Imagine how cute, shorts, tank top and BOOTS! Nothing wrong with that!

  11. Looks like a fabulous time! I love your hillbilly Christmas...looks frighteningly similar to how Christmas morning was up this way...nice gun, by the way...

  12. Oh hooray for your gun! Watch out guys on this year's trip! I LOVE Hillbilly Christmases! We always hit the Fleet Farm when we are home in MN, sadly we don't have them here, a shame since you would THINK Virginia would be able to hillbilly up with the best of them!