Thursday, December 30, 2010

Tough Questions

Who here has found that like anything, finding info on say, S510 (like any other), is like trying to navigate Chicago rush hour traffic?  What's real, what's not, what to expect behind that curtain?  How will it be twisted?  Where is that wonderfully hidden little loophole they always plant?

I wonder if the small farmers in America ever thought Feds would knock on their doors in the wee hours, arrest them, search them and then bury them under red tape they could never afford to scratch their way out of?

I wonder too, if disarming isn't just about gun control.  If we disarm our ability to grow and raise our own food, take away our right to protect ourselves...shall we all line up for that 'shower' like herded, innocent sheep?  Only to meet our end?

I wonder if 'they' think they can provide "Safer" food for us?  Really?  How often do we hear on the news that us weird, self-sufficient bound goof balls, poisoned our own family?

I wonder if their 'work areas' are clean?  I wonder if they wash their hands?  Really?

I wonder what kind of crazy modified crap we eat that we don't even know about yet?  I wonder why after all these things they don't just go ahead and clone?  I mean, why not?  (sarcasm) 

The thing I find 'funny' is that alot of people might consider a can of beans on a store shelf as safer than a home-canned can of beans on my shelf.   Isn't that funny? 

So where do you go for your information?  Help us all out.  And more over, what do you do about it?


  1. I'm sure I couldn't find out information on everything, so I just assume by things I have heard about what they're doing to our food, that there's not much edible that's good for me. So I grow and put up all that I can and raise my meat and eggs. What little I have to buy, I buy organic. Of course I'm fortunate to have a small plot of land, if one doesn't have a plot of land it would be more difficult.

  2. The worst part of that bill is the foods that cause more cases of food poisoning ( factory farmed meats, chicken) are not included. Could it be because they are government funded? There is no subsidies for lettuce or onions, so lets attack them. Like all the small family farmers here, we agree that this county has become anti-farm. And has been progressing to that point since the 80's with those horrible farm loans that killed so many family farms. As far as what I do about it, well I get out of bed and do the same things I have been doing all along. I continue to transition to a self sufficient life, I support other small farms, buy American, and fight for my rights as a farmer.

  3. Very important topic, APG. My job puts me in daily contact with state government and you wouldn't believe how disfunctional, greedy, small minded, self-serving, etc., etc., they are. On all levels. I wouldn't trust the local/state/or feds with my food safety. I am firmly beside Jane - I am continuing my journey to self-sufficency, I support small farmers, support American made products and fight for small farmers' rights. It's important not to give up. Staying informed is my best defense.

  4. Alla, Jane and Susan, so long as they stay away from us and our sources I suppose we'll manage. I just worry that they are getting too close to 'home'. Susan, your job sounds very interesting. I'd like to be a fly on that wall.

  5. I agree with all the gals who have posted here. You do what you can. Finding the information you need is something next to impossible, so I guess you get up in the morning, get out of bed, and do what you do. I find the more that I hear about all the stuff that's going on "out there", the more I want to climb in a hole "in here". Like you said though, APG, it seems as if they are getting closer to home...

  6. I agree they are geting closer to home,way to close for my taste! I have already had salmonella this year, from eating eggs bought in the super markets that are supposed to be so safe,and now they are saying there is salmonella in more of these safe to eat eggs! also now in milk as well! lots of babies out there who are dependent on their milk supply. I wonder what are their parents supposed to do? Bad situation!with no answers in sight. I am following your blog,you are welcome to follow mine as well, blessings Jane

  7. Jane #2, cuz there is more than one of you! Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I am SO sorry to hear you were in that unfortunate group with the tainted eggs! That is just plain scarey! I've not been in contact with anyone who was sickened by it before.

    Well, so I suppose you, more than anyone, can understand why we are going to start raising chickens, huh?

    I will pop on over to your blog now! Hope to see you around!

  8. agreed, agreed, with all! Fantastic topic... we try our best discussing things "amongst ourselves" around the dinner table but it saddens me how many people are completely unaware and unconcerned...