Wednesday, December 29, 2010

PJ's, Puppies and Peanuts

Today I finished a quilting project that has been needing done.  Now I can clean my house up from the Christmas Chaos!  Or not...whatever.

So I wanted to follow up with a few pictures and clips of what Christmas is like in our neck of the woods.  For starters, it's always "PJ's and Puppies".  Over the years, the Peanuts were in Rugrats or Apple Dumplin's.

This year the out-law ladies got all coordinated from our trip to the cracked out home goods store:
And here we have the puppies, minus fat-head Missy.  She's just a big lug that would knock the Peanuts down.  I know, I know...she doesn't get to do anything and Yes, I sleep with one eye open now.

Here ya go...I brought a picture of her instead:

While we opened presents at my Dad's house, he actually had his quilt all snuggled up around him!  He said he likes to 'wear' it a certain way so that he can see the little note on the back.  He said he knows it's back wards.  Whatever makes him happy!

Here we have The Enabler in the family.  She was the recipient of the enabling stuff of TicTacs and kiddie chapstick.  She uses the TicTac's to "shut'em up" in the fabric stores.  The only problem is...she let the poor little thing eat the ENTIRE Valu-Pak.  MmmHmm, she did.  With the defense that Grama's do that ;o) 
I was happy to have been able to try out my new loaf pan yesterday on a new recipe Jane at Hardwork Homstead sent me!  Super easy and -sit down now-  Pig Pen ate it up!  He's not a fan of Wheat breads.  Or so he says.  But he had one piece with butter, two pieces with homemade grape jelly, and then two pieces of toast.  Yup, five pieces in one night.  We wont discuss how many I have eaten thus far but those were the best turkey samiches I ever ate!
I had been trying to find some really good airtight containers to store dry goods in.  The Click Clack Accents seemed to top out all the consumer lists.  My MIL got me three!  Woohoo!  Sounds like a darn good reason to get back to the Amish bulk goods.  Like I really needed an excuse!!

The Seed Catalogs are pouring in!  I have to sit down and get my head straight.  Leigh over at  5 Acres & a Dream posted her 2010 review and it reminded me I haven't even done that yet!  It would help if I put pen to paper in the old journal and then ordered my seeds.  Any one else on top of this yet?  Where are you ordering from this year? 


  1. No breakfast yet here . . . your bread looks so good I'm drooling.

    I not only ordered my seeds a months ago but have them stored away all safe and sound. How's that? I got them ordered early so I could beat the price increase in the new catalogs. (So far, I haven't taken the time to check to see if there really WAS much of an increase in prices!)

  2. Now THAT is a loaf pan. I have loaf pan envy now. :)

    We are getting seeds from Baker Creek this year. Last year we got them from RH Shumway I believe.

  3. It's so nice to see your Dad loves his quilt. Who wouldn't? I have been putting off the ordering of the seeds cause I know that will be one big bill, but I have them all picked out. Not sure what to do about potatoes cause they get a fortune for shipping but no one local seems to have a good seed potato.

  4. MamaPea, ok, you are smart for doing that so soon. Dagnabit, why didn't I think of that?

    MamaTea, I believe my SIL ordered it from Wilton's. Case you need to feed the envy ;)

    Jane, That is probably the number one reason I haven't either. We just dropped a load on Christmas and I am sure the total on seeds is gonna hurt just a smidge. We usually end up getting our taters around here also. But I will keep looking.

  5. Looks like a fun Christmas. Your dad looks pretty comfy with his quilt wrong side up or not!! I'm ordering my seeds from Pinetree Garden Seeds.

  6. I love the matching PJs! Lotsa good looks in your family, I see...I have ordered and received 80% of my seeds. I always try to order the seeds I know they run out of first, then get the rest later. I save my seed catalogs for February - I NEED them by then.

  7. Alla, never heard of Pinetree yet. I will check it out!

    Susan, Does that mean you are stir crazy by February or starting indoors?

  8. I hope to see you soon i am bessy next weekend and this weekend so let me know when you want me