Wednesday, December 8, 2010


After reading MamaTea's "Cripes, I Said!" post regarding her poor chilly-willy Chickens who's pieces parts are falling off due to frigid temperatures, I thought I would offer up some help!  Now I had already told her that since we don't have our Chickens yet (arriving this Spring!) that I was of no use.  I know nothing.

But the more I thought of it, the more I realized...yes I can help!

Greek Chicken

1 whole bird, cut up
4 red potatoes, chunked
1 pint green beans
Lemon Juice
Lemon Pepper
Granulated Garlic
S & P

Now, after you have your chicken in the house and fully diapered (ok, scratch that part...wink!).  Just clean the bird and throw it in a 9 x 13.

Here's where we get tricky in the Old Recipe kind-o-way.  I don't measure...yikes!

Add Lemon Juice.  Enough to come up roughly, say 1/4" in the pan. 

Throw in all the veggies.  I generally use frozen green beans and taters with the peel on.  I also almost always put waaay more veggies in than is needed.  But that's the best part!  Jane...go for it with out the birdie!  And when I overload my pan, I will season the chicken first, then throw in the veggies and season again to spread that yummieness around! 

Now for the seasoning:
*Granulated Garlic - if you don't have granulated garlic, use garlic powder...NOT garlic salt!  You'll be sorry if you do!  Lemon and salt have some serious pucker power when combined and you will look like fish lips on first bite!
*Lemon Pepper
*Lightly - lightly salt the dish  You dig?

Don't be afraid of the spices, as you can see, mine looks all sorts of pretty like:

I promise there is chicken under there!
Drizzle with some EVOO and add 1 whole stick of butter cut into pats (or more).
Bake at 350 till almost done, then turn it up to broil for the last 5 minutes or so to make it all crispy and beautiful!

Who's cold now?
This is how my family does Greek Chicken, Greek Pork Chops and Lamb.  And you will do yourself a serious injustice if you don't have fresh baked bread to sop up the juices.  It's the law.

I really did make Greek Chicken just this week...I swear.

Betcha didn't know I was a Little Greek Girl, did ya?
Betcha didn't think I knew how to warm them Chickens up, did ya?
Betcha I'm gonna get in trouble for this one, ain't I? 


  1. I do like me some greek food, minus chicky of course. I will have to try. And measuring is for wimps. I like the eyeball method too. Now that I know you are a little greek girl, do you do requests?

  2. Jane, Hit me! Whatcha want? Baklava, Avagolemona (sans birdie), pastico, spanikopitas, tiropitas, etc...what'll it be?

  3. Oh, oh, oh! That looks so good. And I just finished dinner and had to unsnap my jeans.

    Ya know, we've never raised meat birds but I just brought the subject up to my hubby the other night. I mean I sure wouldn't mind having some young birds I could use in recipes like this.

    Jane, could you substitute slabs of tofu for the chicken?

  4. MamaPea, I was wondering the same thing myself with Jane. I don't know much about tofu. I thought you guys had meat birds??? So I must be confused with just the duck or goose? I forget now, but I have a vivid picture in my head of ChickenMama with the nasties on her coat from that day. Other than give your birdies to ChickenMama, what do you do with them once they stop producing as much? Stewers?

    I know-too many questions.

  5. That looks so good! What a yummy sounding recipe. I've put it on my must try list.

  6. Hey Di, I fixed chicken tonight too. But mine got all strung up and rotated. lol That recipe sounds yummy, I have to try that. I surely have no shortage of chickens here. Gosh muh freezer runneth over.
    Oh I will take an order of that baklava. lol love that stuff.

  7. If that coon had not taken all my chickens I'd be out there in this 20 degree snow crazy morn grabbing one for myself. Just so I could make this! Thanks. Now I have to beg Chris over at the 1 acre homestead to part with a molter. ;)

  8. Leigh, if your recipe "ToDo" list is anything like mine, it might take a while to get to it, but it's worth it!

    Stella, someday we'll have a freezer full of chickens like yours! Course you make it look easy and we'll probably make a mess of it though!

    UUFarmchick, I take it the PJ morning rampages didn't work, huh? That stinks! There's always next year...and good neighbors!

  9. Ha! Seriously that chicken sounds delicious! My hubby's favorite stop whenever he is deployed is Greece or Crete. A few years back he brought home "roughly" the ingredients in his all time favorite dish, Stifado, and after a year I was able to create it perfectly he said. The clincher was when we hosted a Christmas Eve dinner last year for all the strays left here in town and they all immediately said STIFADO! when they walked in the house and smelled the crockpot!

  10. Ok, off the top of my head there are those doughnut with honey -loukamades (sp?) I love! Then once I had green beans in a tomato sauce with really good spices I could not figure out. Oh and grape leaves (minus baby sheep) always wanted to make those. How about you just come over and start cooking cause I do love greek food. If you leave now you could be hear for a midnight snack.

  11. Oh, YUMMY!!! Looks and sounds great, I'm butchering chickens Monday and will definitely try this recipe.

  12. Erin, that is not one our family does these days. The sad thing is that as HUGE as my Dad's family is, there are only maybe 2 of us who will do Greek food. Myself and my Aunt Mar. Now, that's not to say they wont eat it!! Every year for Greek Easter, I bust hump to make and even freeze alot ahead of time. I will ask my Dad when the last time he had this one and then search my YiaYia's old recipes.

    Jane, oh...our favorite...Dolmathes. I will see what I can come up with for meatless ones. We have never made them that way. But of course I am making them for Chirstmas Day. Everyone begs for them. And the ongoing war is who makes'em best, me or Aunt Mar. I love it when they think they are grabbing for hers. And they are mine...eheheeheee.

    Alla, oh if you do this, let me know! I know this will sound crazy crazy, but can you believe I have never eaten a 'fresh' chicken??? Or not that I know of any way. We are so looking forward to the real deal! I would love to know how it goes for you! And thank you so much for commenting! I told my mom the other day that you had Grama's "Secret" recipe on your blog! But I can't tell you which's a secret ;o) mmmmcooookies

  13. I would love to use traditional goat in the Stifado, but it's hard to get here, but any meat is a beauty in there, I have used lamb and pork butt chunks and they are equally good!

  14. I laughed out loud, you little stinker! Fabulous recipe!!!! And're not in trouble...too much. You just wait. Revenge in blogland is sweet... :)

  15. Erin, my Dad said he doesn't recall. So that means I gotta go way back. I will have to call on my Second Aunt, full blooded Greek Girl!

    MamaTea...that's whatcha get when you inspire my little demon! Couldn't be helped! The angel on my other shoulder ate a big piece o shut the hell up! ;o)

  16. HAHAHA That is cute, Let's see how you feel about your chicken dinners!!!!! Love your sense of humor.


  17. Melissa...Thanks! No revenge from blogland yet, so I am safe in saying "BaGock!" :0)

  18. How can you get into trouble when talking about food? Hey I know you and you have my bakeing dish! How'd you gat that? Told you I read your Blog. Tried PW's Apple Dumplings the other night OMG!!!!! easy and so good! Will try your's my next day off. Keep in touch.