Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Does This Make My Butt Look Big?

Who says no on dresses up for Christmas anymore?

Does it make her butt look big? 
This is what Ami will wear for Christmas. 

A huge improvement on the little dress she wore with a big rosette on the neck...that Emma dragged her across the kitchen floor by!  So we retired that dress a few years back.

How dressed up is your tree?  I always have a few favorite ornaments that get displayed in the front:

My Maternal Grandparents

My Aunt Beverly

My Reminder of the Real Christmas

The year we won the Ugly Christmas Sweater Party
(He's never let me dress him up again!)

My Reindeer

Of course a Tractor...

And a hunting dog.

The liquid which sustains me.

See, I told you I don't do cute!
And I might be a little bored...


  1. Ami might be the cutest thing I've ever seen in that little outfit! I love your picture ornaments - that is such a great idea!

  2. Ami is absolutely adorable!! She'll be the one with all the attention, for sure.

  3. I think the sentimental tree ornaments are the best. And little Ami sure looks cute in her outfit.

  4. Susan, I know she really is a cutie pie! I have other outfits fun!

    Alla, yeah she is a show stealer! Hard to believe she is nearly 14 years old and a whopping 3.5 pounds!!

    Mangocheeks, thanks for stopping by and commenting! I would dress up the big dog too, but hubby would hurt me! ;)

  5. Whaddaya mean you don't do cute? Ya can't get much cuter than Ami! Adorable.

    Love your personalized, individualistic ornaments. They're the best. (Um, do I see an ARTIFICIAL tree? What's with that?!)

  6. How on earth did pig pen let you get him in that sweater the first time?? Only Ami gets a sweater? What about the other two. They go naked for Christmas? Or can Ami just not run as fast ;)

  7. MamaPea, well maybe AMI does cute, but generally not me :) Yeah, it's artificial, sorry! I haven't had a real one in 13 years. I know, ba-hum-bug! The last time, I picked a beautiful tree that ended up looking like humpty-dumpty when it warmed up. It was hilarious!

  8. Jane, Emma is too fat! It really does make her butt look big! No really, she did outgrow hers. Maybe I will get her something goofy again. I had a t-shirt for Missy when she was a puppy (it was really Ami's). It said "I'm with Stupid" arrow pointing. :oD

  9. Oh and I forgot to say, Pig Pen...that was the first year we dated. Funny how they stop doing those little things for ya, huh???

  10. Cute, cute, cute!!! And I would say the little darlin's butt looks just fine. Tell her not to worry .:)

  11. I love little Ami-Poo!! She looks so cute in her school girl outfit. haha! And that year you and Adam dressed up like that was AWESOME!!! I still don't know how you convinced him to do that :-)

  12. Aww Ami is adorable!! I love that dress! My Yorkie, Daisy, has lots of party dresses too, but she refuses to wear them anymore. She's old and persnickity. She grinds on the rugs trying to get it off until she has knots in her hair.

    Love the wrapping paper on your presents too!

  13. oh my! That IS cute! Ami can get away with it since she is a little beauty - we'll see how Sprocket the Rocket over here looks in her PINK down jacket I bought her last year, she never wore it then but I think she may this winter LOL

  14. Ah how cute she is, and no her butt dont look too big. lol I dont get to see my lil grand-dog fer Christmas, but with livin in Nevada and all, she has lots o hoodies lol

  15. is that my gift under the tree ami right thanks do not have to wrap her

  16. MamaTea, she's a woman. I will try to tell her anyway. ;)

    Jen, bet there are things Eric doesn't do any more either. Honeymoon over, right?

    Tricia, Yorkies are fun, and I love the name Daisy. Would you get another? I decided that there would be no more itty-bitty's for us after she goes. They worry me too much!

    Erin, I know you were concerned about your dog getting a complex wearing their new jackets but I must have missed that they were PINK?? Yeah, pictures of that one needed! I can't invision a big dog like that in pink! LOL!

    Stella, awe, I love that you call her your Grand-dog! We do that too. They are like kids I think!

    JennyGirl, no dog for you!

  17. Ami is too cute! And oh my, but does she ever know how to pose for the camera.

    Great ornaments. I have photo ornaments of my kids but I never thought about doing some for other family members. Good idea.

  18. OMG, that is beyond cute! My poor Annie doesn't dress up any more, as it just draws attention to her, uh.....big butt.

    No Christmas decorations in my house this year. Nothing. Nada. I figured we'd have the place sold by now, so I packed up all my holiday decor and took it home last spring! I'm just going to pretend there's a wreath on the front door. Maybe I could tie a red ribbon on a cactus?