Thursday, December 16, 2010

Invitation to the Pity Party

I had a LOUSY day!  Wanna join my party?

It actually started last night and went into today. 

1)  Got word someone wasn't happy with me via a third party.  Where is party 1 and 2 line of communication?

2)  Finances got ... fa-chartered/fu-barred/screwed up.

3)  Someone chewed me out for something I didn't have a thing to do with.  Apparently I have a sign that says "Take it out on me".

4)  My anti-virus provider billed me for an old subscription I no longer carry.  Further fu-barring my account.  NOT happy!  Never authorized this!  I luckily have texts sent to me if my account goes below a certain level.  It did.  So I was able to 'fix' it right away.  By fix, I mean chew some out.  I don't do this often.  I call it going "AOL" on someone.  Yet another rare time I chewed someone out and oddly, it was an online service provider.

5) (almost forgot one)  Nice man demading I fetch things up for him NOW.  Drop everything kind of NOW!  I hate that.  Is my time worth nothing to anyone?

6)  I needed a box to wrap a large present in.  I asked Pig Pen to search the garage, which he kindly did.  The box however was my undoing.  It was a box for Neoprene Waders.  Kinda like the ones I just wrapped for him and put under the tree!!

Me:  Where'd that box come from?
PP:  My waders.
Me:  I thought you wanted waders for Christmas?
PP:  Wader pants.
Me:  Your list said, "Waders - Ask Eric". 
PP:  Did you get me waders for Christmas?
Me:  Yeeeeeessssssssssssssssssssssssssss!  Dammit!  I asked Eric, he helped me pick them!
PP:  You must have said "Waders" not "Wader Pants".

Me...retrieved list from secret hiding spot to shove up his nose in triumph.

Failure.  It said "Wader PANTS". 

I am on strike.  Just one of those days where ya can't win!  Only whine.


  1. Wow!! What a day. You deserve to have a pity party. Just think, tomorrow HAS to be better!

  2. Alla, that is what my MIL said at 7pm, then she told me to hurry up and go to bed! :)

  3. (Laughing)...Don't you hate it when you're the one who's wrong?

    Have a GREAT day today, though...(You have my permission) :>

  4. Instead of whine, you should wine. It always helps me. There is nothing like the Holidays to get everyone in a bad mood. And to think you may get a gun for out.

  5. Just so you know...Eric felt really bad last night. When he came home we told him about the situation and he went, "Ohhhhhh no. That sucks. I feel bad now" to which I said, "Didn't you know he already had waders from hunting with him for 2 years" and he said "Yeah. But I just thought maybe he wanted a new pair". Remember that Eric is all about upgrading so I am sure he just thought Adam wanted a wader upgrade. Boo!! But hopefully you can get them returned and have another present for him under the tree by tonight. And while you are out, get some retail therapy and buy yourself another gift for under the tree. Preferably in the form of a bottle :-)

  6. Yep, that all added up to one poopy day. The mama in me wanted to pull you close and rub your back. But look at it this way: Any one of your listings could have spoiled the whole day. So instead of spreading them out over an entire week, you got them done in less than 24 hours.

    Jane's right. It's the season. Just remember . . . that's what we're all here for. Listening and support and empathy. Didn't it feel a little better after you got it all written down? And you got through the whole thing without actually spelling out one really bad word. Such restraint!

  7. Tami, I will accept your invitaion to have a good day ;)!

    Jen, totally not Eric's fault. If I had said the magic word "Pants"...Eric would have known. So I did it to myself!

    Jane, you are SO right. The holidays are supposed to be festive and they almost always end up stressful! I would have had a drink last night, but my stomache was already sour. :(

    MamaPea, well, no swear words that I cared to repeat at least! HA! I actually slept in a bit this morning even. Now I gotta drive a few hours to correct the situation. Luckily my MIL offered otherwise I might run people over...hehee

  8. There is always too much stress this time of year anyway! I find that, if I sing Christmas carols Really, Really loud, people steer clear of me. And it drowns out all the requests for time, driving, cooking, etc., etc. A glass of wine helps, too.

  9. A "wader upgrade"... that had me laughing! So sorry you had such a sucky day! Glad you vented, that always helps me, too! And I call it "going cable company on your a$$" LOL! AOL is good, too...

  10. Oh Susan! Why have I never thought of that?? My voice is so horrible, that'd scare the dickens out of'em all! And there is something about hearing horendous howling that really makes you laugh! My best friend is always good for an Abba song off key and I just ROLL!!!

    Erin, yeah, a wader upgrade! Who knew? I still feel like I've been kicked in the teeth and a ship without a sail today. How do you get out of a funk???

  11. Aw, darling....some days suck. These days are made for beer. Care to join me for a virtual brew? ;) I'm thinking of you...

  12. I hate days like that... it's strange, my Thursday afternoon was similar to yours...

    1. Cannot find my drivers license which means a 30 minute drive out of town to get a new one, plus $27 I can't afford right now.

    2. Lost a $21 check for egg sales... (found it this morning, but stressed all night because I couldn't find it).

    3. Darn dog we got from the pound caught a neigbor's chicken (didn't kill it), so I thumped her good. Her herding instinct just kicked in and she wouldn't listen. Shouldn't have taken her out without the shock collar.

    4. Got a really nasty message from the step-son we haven't heard from in years blaming yours-truly for all of his problems in life (seems I was the wicked stepmother?)

    5. Our old cat, Miss Kitty, passed away. She'd been missing a couple weeks, I finally found her two days ago, so she luckily died in the warm house with our love wrapped around her.

    6. I overdrew my account-forgot about a automatic payment for $8, so that little mistake cost me $35 (which would have paid for the drivers license and a coffee!)

    Oh well, its another day and things have been ok. I gave up drinking 12 years ago, so I've been hitting the diet Pepsi pretty hard!

    Hang in there!

  13. Hope, aye! You made my day look like a cake walk. I am so sorry that bug passed around. Like my MIL said...go to bed! As if that brings tomorrow any quicker, right? But it's worth a try. My hugs to you!

    MamaTea, virtual beer works for me!

  14. I'm so sorry to hear about your trying day! I hope "tomorrow" (aka yesterday) was better for you, and that today is an even better day! Hugs!

  15. Oh my, LOL. I'm just catching up on some blog reading so I hope things are better by now!

  16. OK, I'm pouting for you. I can one-up you on the billing problem, though. You should see the bill I got from Charter Cable for the internet connection that was stopped mid-October (and pre-paid until the end of October). They owed me $22, but sent me a bill for $79, "past due" for October! Odd, since the original monthly cost was $35. I guess mine has been corrected, as I've heard nothing more from them. Not holding my breath, though.