Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Even Tomat-Ho's Need Clean Sheets

First and foremost, THANK YOU all for offering up such sage advice on how to deal with my Tomat-Ho's!  I have been telling anyone and everyone who will listen, to beat the snot out of those things and to let the dirty little Ho's lie!

So like y'all said, I gave my Ho's some nice new bedding and then let them be:
Before below...

And After...

I had extra straw, so I put some around the peppers too...

Speaking of Peppers...has someone jinxed me?  WTF is this?  And I don't mean "What's The Fixin's" this time either!

Hmmm?  Hmmm?  What is THAT!?  It's not smushy, it's actually very brittle.  I almost poked a hole in it when curiosity got the best of me.

Oh well!  Watch'ya gonna do?  I will say one thing, you guys are fun!!


  1. In the infamous words of my mother, "You've really been humping in your garden this week." Hahaha! Hope you Ho's perk up!

  2. Glad to see you're treating those ho's so well. ;) And as for peppers...I don't know what to tell you. That looks kinda nasty. They haven't been hanging around the ho's too long...have they? Never know what they could catch... ;)

  3. good luck. if your tomatoes survive you'll have enough to go around.

  4. Hi Damaris and Welcome! I hope you are right! We have already yanked off several squishy and ookey green ones though! Not a good sign on top of the blight! Fingers crossed!

    MamaTea- you know how girls can be with all the peer pressure. Wait, member of the 'boys' club :)

  5. Has it been warm and wet there? It looks like Pepper Anthracnos, it is a fungus.Hard to tell from a picture though. I don't think it is soil born, could be from another plant or from the seed. How many peppers have it? Get them out of there. There is always something in the garden that wants to foil your efforts. Good luck.

  6. Jane, CRAP! Yes, very hot and periods of rain. I googled it and the pictures I found were exactly what mine are as well as the leaves. So I guess tomorrow morning I will be thining out at least two of the plants. I don't understand what is going on this year! I have never EVER had so many problems in the garden. Japanese beetles always, but never all these fungus, blight etc. It's rather disheartening. And I have no clue what I did differently to have brought it on...Makes ya want to cry! Thanks for the tip tho, I do appreciate it.

  7. I would think a blight in the pepper as well. The wet weather will make it worse too. But take heart, it dont happen every year. THe copper sulfate will work for the peppers too as well as maters and help the blight issue. Not sure about tossin the plants, If they have peppers on them, you can cut off the effected part and still be able to use part of the pepper. Chin lady, your garden looks really nice and neat. My garden is hidin in a weed patch now. lol