Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Long and Lanky Boys

One thing about Pig Pen and his buds, for the most part...they are Long & Lanky.  Meet Long & Lanky Loren.  Boy-Loren, that is.  He has one of the hugest Apricot trees I have ever seen!  Give him a long pickin' stick and well, that is even better!  Although Caitlin and I picked most, we will give him some credit here I suppose!

This tree puts out alot of fruit! 

And here is his garden!  Don't let him fool ya...he is getting domesticated in his old age!  He does me proud!  I think his girlfriend Caitlin has something to do with this too...

After some serious pickin', we got together for a cookout and what else but an Apricot upside down cake! 

I made it in a Cast Iron Skillet .  If you would like to try it out, you will need a 10" skillet, non-stick or the good ole fashioned kind like Grama used and I used here:

Melt 1 stick unsalted butter until most the foam subsides.

Add a hefty 3/4 C. packed Brown Sugar and let it simmer out for about 4 minutes unstirred.

Off heat and arrange your cleaned, pitted and peel-on apricots as close as you can.  Sprinkle with some cinnamon and sugar.

Lightly pour on your favorite cake batter and bake in a 325 degree oven until toothpick comes out clean.  Immediately invert onto a serving platter and cool.

After dinner, the Long & Lanky boys and us girls went for a little ride out back and other than the man-sized skeeters, it was pretty darn fun!  Here is Long & Lanky Loren with Caitlin:

Any chance for mud and it's all in!

Of course they made it across and back...trust me when I say, NO obstacle is too much for these Goofy Guys!  They play as hard as they work!

Hope you all had an enjoyable and nice, long weekend!  I will be up to my knees in Apricots all day!


  1. I got scarred when I saw that first picture. It looks like he is picking through the electrical lines. I am sure it is just the perspective, but you never know what those men folk will do;)

  2. Looks like a great time (the messin' around on the wheelers) :) And that upside down cake looks divine!!

  3. Jane, no electrical wires...but if a cattle prod was within reach...ugh! They get down right stupid! Yeah-no lie. One of the Low & Lofty's took a hit from that.

    MamaTea, any time we can get dirty, it's a great time! Dirt is good for ya! I am a firm believer which is why I frown upon house work too! HA!

    Just kidding! I clean...when I have to!

  4. That upside down cake looks DELICIOUS!!!!!!!! I would have drove out and took a ride on a 4-wheeler just to sample that. Yummy :-) Looks like you guys had a fun night!

  5. Cake looks fabulous and I'm sure it tastes as good as it looks! You are amazing!!!