Friday, July 16, 2010

Long and Lanky Boys and Their Goofy A$$ Toys

One thing about Pig Pen, he doesn't mess around!

A week ago, to date...we decided to try out some Chickens.  Next Spring!

In regular Pig Pen fashion, he's already gearing up!

Today, he got the gravel to pour the concrete pad! 

And a little extra for the driveway...
"Squatter Kellen"
...So that THIS never happens again! 

One of the few times he ever got stuck!  Oddly enough, he had fun!  Go Figure!  The drive way however, was a mess!  This was a few years ago.  It's just like him to "Do it up Big!"  He dug the entire thing out, big rigs, little rigs and boys and their toys!  We all got in on that action!

Lucky for us, around here we have alot of these:

Who do alot of this:

But the garden looks great!  Pretty, ain't it?

And if anyone ever wants to pop in for a visit, you can stay here:

It's nicer than my 150+ year old house!

Come on in, sit a spell!  We love "Squatters"!  We even have 'wheels' to lend...

Have a great weekend!


  1. Fabulous post! Pig Pen (my son) does EVERYTHING in a big way. Like they say - go big or go home!!!!! Chickens??? Great - if they run loose, warn me when I come over!!

  2. Oh no! That would take all the fun out! By george I think I've got it! Next Years Post: How to Hinder and In-Law! HAHAHAA!! Kidding! But I have visuals of you squealing like a girl! :) xoxo

  3. Not a pretty visual, is it? I'll just wear my shin guards and call it a day...those little peckers!!!!

  4. Looks like chickens are going to be appearing sooner rather than later! You will absolutely LOVE the fresh eggs. They taste so much better than store bought. Plus, the little birdies' waste matter (ahem) makes great compost for the garden. And there's no chicken meat that tastes as flavorful as an old stewing hen stewed long and slow. (I sound like a spokesperson for The Homesteader's Chicken Association (I just made that up), don't I?

  5. I always said if you could drive the sweeper around, my husband would have this house spotless. Looks like yours would too. Simple jobs take for ever for him to do because you need 57 different machines to do it. Need to dig up the garlic, bring on the backhoe.

  6. Jane - HaHa! Backhoe! Now there is one thing we don't have -yet! Geesh, you pegged the men-folk!!

    MamaPea - I can't wait to make a truth teller out of ya!! :)