Saturday, July 17, 2010

Pork N Beans

This is my Jenny-Girl weekend!  In an effort to continue to corrupt her to "Country", I took her here:

My cousin Phillip and Kristi's Farm...well this is the barn actually.  Where the corruption continues!  The cute young dude is their youngest son, Kyle.  He is "The Pig Whisperer".  He is also about the sweetest kid around!  He reminds me of my nephew, when my nephew was sweet.  Now my nephew is just sassy.  Any way...

Here is my Jenny-Girl doing her best to look at ease amongst the flies and poop:

Now here is a face any girl could love, no?

"The Pig Whisperer" names all of his little oinkers even!  I just call them "Bacon"!

Here is "The Pig Whisperer" giving us a demonstration on leading.  He shows his piggy's and has won lots of Fair Ribbons!

He bathes the Bacon daily even!  Complete with shampoo and a loofah!

Jenny-Girl even petted a piggy!

When we got home, Squatter Kellen had smoked us a nice beef brisket...

Which we all oinked out on!

This is Little Kellen, of the Low and Lofty Boys, and our dog Emma.  Who mistakes herself as a person very often.  It's so much easier on the vocal chords just to go with it!

And what would a story of Pork be with out the Beans?

Soakin' em up to make my first batch of canned Baked Beans tomorrow!  

How else now shall I corrupt my Jenny-Girl??  I already taught her how to spit, so I need to be creative and keep her Dad on his toes!


  1. Let me know how the canned beans turn out and if there are any tricks to it I need to know. I was thinking about putting some up. I see my neighbor girl is chewing, Jenny already can spit...What Dad wouldn't want to see his girl with a wad of tobacco dripping from her lip?

  2. Oh, he'd kill me! I will have to post the little video clip of when I let her drive my truck...ON THE ROAD! It was just like the movies when their hands keep jerking side to side! She ran into a big rock on the golf cart once too...I wanted to teach her to shoot my gun, but they gave me a big "No!". Dern it!

  3. I definitely think she should learn to shoot a gun...and spit at the same time. Now THAT would be somethin'!

    Love the Pig Whisperer. And you're such a honey for corrupting that Jenny Girl. We all need MORe country corruptin!!