Thursday, July 22, 2010


What's The Fixin's???

I know what ya thought...

My basil is coming on strong, so besides a batch of homemade pesto which I hope to do later today, last night I whipped up a little something.

There really is no right or wrong or measurements as far as this goes, just give it a try!

Heat some EVOO in a large skillet.  I used an organic Garlic Infused that I had purchased at a Farmer's Market earlier in the day.  Yummy...
Season your chicken with Salt, Pepper then make it pretty with a little Parsley.  You can add a little Paprika to make it all nice and golden.  Then just give it a nice sear.  Mine looked like this:

Pop it in a covered casserole.  I like to use stones, but you can use whatever you have on hand.
Place just a smidge of Chicken Broth or water on the bottom.  Just enough to cover the bottom is all.
Chop a handful of cherry tomatoes in half.  Thinly slice a few garlic cloves.  I used 3.  Slicing garlic will give it a milder taste.  Pressing garlic will be stronger.  So do what you like.
Chop some fresh basil and sprinkle all over.  Add salt and pepper to taste.
I drizzled a little regular EVOO on top too.

Cover and bake at 350 for about a half an hour.  (I'm not good with cook standard response when people ask me this is "Til it's done"...ornery snot that I am!)

Meanwhile, cook up your favorite noodles.
Wipe out your skillet and drizzle a little EVOO and melt a stick of butter.  Press a garlic clove.  Just give it a heat thru.  Don't brown the garlic, which I accidentally did!  Add parsley to make it pretty. 
Toss your cooked noodles in!
Serve with Fresh Grated Parmesan if desired.

In the great words of Paula Deen, "I'm not your doctor, I'm your cook".  That is what I tell people when they question my love of Butter...I will also add EVOO on my own accord.  And of course I always add, "I ain't killed no one yet"  :)

So hey...check THIS out...
Can you guess what Pig Pen has been up to???

It's our Chicken Coop Construction Project!  WooHoo!!!


  1. Omigosh, that chicken/noodle dish looks sooo good! But I have to ask (I live deep in the woods, sorry), what is EVOO?

  2. My Bad...Extra Virgin Olive Oil! Sorry about that!

  3. I do love when the basil is ready. Nothing can't be enhanced by a bit of basil. And more is even better. So are those chickens going to be there before the snow flies? It sure looks like it is moving along. Just a word to the wise, when building make sure it is snake proof.

  4. Oh MY! Pig Pen hates snakes!! When you say snake proof, fill a girl in! We are fencing a large area and also a fence w/in that fence. Sounds confusing...what are your suggestions? But to answer the 'when' not til spring. Just getting it all ready is all.

  5. I also assume you mean the coop itself...suggestions?

  6. Anywhere you are going to have peeps or eggs in the coop I would get hardware fabric (have to do this myself soon, new eggs going to hatch). Hardware fabric is that really small flexable metal screen. Then put that up instead of chicken wire. A snake can fit through the smallest of holes so make sure seams and corners are all sealed. Watch around door trim also, make sure it is flush no gaps. Snakes can get up walls and on to the ceiling so keep the fabric all the way up to the top. One snake can eat all your peeps and some snakes eat eggs. An adult chicken can kill a snake but chickens can not see well at night so that is when the snakes sneak in. Just build it to hold water and you will be fine :)

  7. Oh yum yum yum, that looks so good. And WAHOO to the chicken fun to see the beginning process. :)

    And of course I thought you were saying What's The Fixin's....what did you think I thought??

  8. My DUMB! EVOO . . . I should have been able to figure that one out. (I really do think all the humidity this summer is getting to my brain cells. That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.)

  9. Thanks Jane! I will pass that along to my hammer hound!

    C'mon Mama Tea...I know you better than that!

    Mama Pea...Hey, that works! Mind if I borrow it?

  10. Man, does that chicken look great or what!

  11. Snakes? Here I thought I would just have to run from the I have to watch out for snakes???? This is not good! :-)