Friday, July 2, 2010

When is a Horse a Horse?

When it's one of these, of course!

That would be my Mom...revisiting her childhood down on the farm!  C'mon, you know you wish you could!  We used to fight over 'the horse' when we were kids!  Judging from the struggle she had getting a leg up, she is either vertically challenged or getting older.  I say both!!  Love you, Mom!

Today we took "My Jenny Girl" to see Aunt Bena's farm.  Jenny Girl is a city-kid that I am trying to corrupt with the great outdoors!  She is like a daughter to us and stays with us every other weekend.  We probably give her a hard time 98% of those weekends.  It's how she knows we love her!

So it was an experience for her to see how the other half lives...up close and personal-like!  She got pretty close to my Aunt's show cattle...well, sorta!

Here is Aunt Bena's grandson giving the beef cow a bath...

Not sure Jenny Girl believed me that it would be her dinner later in the year.  Why she would question anything that comes out of my mouth to her is beyond me!  I never pull her leg!  (Allllways!)

She also got to see a few of the tractors, which was a first for her!  How exciting is that?!

Then we went for a stroll down memory lane to see what was left of Mom and Aunt Bena's childhood home.  The house burnt down some time ago, but we all still like to see those types of things, don't we?  Even if all that is left is the ole waterin' hole...

and the barn floor...

Oh, and this is where my folks first brought me 'home' to as a baby...

And this last shot is just a tree in Aunt Bena's yard that I thought was super cool!

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Have a GREAT 4th of July weekend and be safe!   God Bless!


  1. Thank yo for corrupting city kids with the great outdoors. We need more of those people around. :)

    I love looking at old husband knew he had snagged me for good when he took me to an old abandoned farm and let me stomp around imagining what used to be. And it was a big deal...because he's a cop!

    Cute post!!!

  2. Looks like you guys had a great time! Beautiful day for it :-) See you guys later!!

  3. I love that horse. At least it has a purpose other than eating and pooping like mine. Plus I bet it never jumps the fence, right.

  4. Beautiful old home. I had an Aunt Bena too, I've never heard of anyone else with that name. Fun to hear it again.

  5. Heather...that is super cool and not a common name! It was one of the many kids in the family that couldn't pronounce "Bernice" and it just stuck!