Thursday, July 8, 2010

Winner! Winner!

We have a WINNER for the Environne Wash Give Away!!!  So I talked to my SIL, Jen, who is more experienced in "blog etiquette" and she advised that since I had 10 entries, just to use the unscientific method of "names in the hat".  Now you might wonder why Jan and Jen didn't get any little slips with their names on it...they have some of the goods it upped the odds for the rest of you guys!

Here were the entries:

Angie - 2 entries
Isaac & Mommy - 2 entries
MamaTea - 2 entries
Diane Meyers - 1 entry
Chelsi - 3 entries

Here they are in the bowl:

And here is the clip of my Mom doin' the deed!!

Hope you can hear it and see it OK...

Please shoot me an email at with delivery info and I will get the goods right out to you!  CONGRATS!!

Thank you all for playing along!  I love chatting with all of you!  If you had told me a month ago that I would enjoy the blog-world, I would have denied it!  But I really do love you guys and reading everyone's posts and seeing all the awesome pics!


  1. Oh MAN!!! RE-DRAW!!!! Haha, just kiddin.

  2. AWESOME!!!!! I'm totally pumped!! I will shoot you an email...

    ...and just so you know, you have totally inspired me to do a giveaway on my blog. So I've got something in the works...will post about it beginning of next week!!

    Thanks excited to try this product!!

  3. I'm sorry Chelsi! I know you tried hard too! I will do more, I promise!