Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Good Things Comin'!

We have been like a watch pot waiting to boil over.  Blogging has been great...watching every one else's crops come in, wondering when our time would finally come.  Wishing that 'crazy' would finally hit!  Yesterday was the first harvest worth more than a onsey-twosy picking!

I pulled 64 of the nearly 300 onions we planted! 

And, today I will finally get to make some pickles!  Last year was not a good year for cukes or any type of melon.  Other than the zukes of course...they are always over-abundant!  So I can finally add some pickles back to the pantry shelf! 

Here are the onions hanging around now:

Even more Great News...Pig Pen checked the bee hives and reports that we will have alot more honey than he anticipated! 

He said there are a couple hundred pounds in each hive!  Of course we have to leave 100 for over wintering...but try and put that into perspective!  For all the 'canners' out there you may remember Grama saying, "A pint is a pound the world around."  If each hive is at roughly 200 pounds so far, imagine 200 pint jars of honey lining my shelves!!  And he says they are still busy little bees and he needs to order more supplies for them to keep on going!

He takes off the parts that they over build, here is what that looks like on the hive:
See the wax on top?
And out!
But they are capping off!  See all the 'white' stuff?  That's wax! 

Sing some Carly Simon with me pals!  "Anticipation..."


  1. It is always feast or famine in gardening. That will be ALOT of honey. What will you do with it? OH I know. You said you wanted to start brewing. You need to make Mead! That would be fun.

  2. Thats a LOT of honey!!! And those onions look yummy. You know Dad is going to be ALL over those :-)

  3. Pig Pen may be adding on to the house in the form of another pantry!!!

  4. Niiiiice. Will you be shipping any of that Mead out??

    I would love to make honey but my youngest is deathly allergic to bee stings, so I'm too nervous. I will live through your bee keeping, though!!

  5. I've never had Mead. I wonder if it is any good?

  6. Oh my. It is soooo good. Even warmed up on a cold night, its lovely. Its how we survived the super cold Renaissance Fair last year. Yummy, you should definitely add it to your to do list...you know, because you don't have ANYTHING else to do!

  7. Wow, your bees are doing great! I envy you as successfully keeping bees up here near the tundra is a challenge and a half . . . but we keep trying.

    I'm still weeks away from having cucs for pickle making but that's one of my favorite preserving tasks. Love makin' those pickles!

  8. Bring on the veggies. and make sure I get some honey too!!!