Monday, July 12, 2010

Tinkerin' With The Tin Man and Hittin' Pay Dirt!

We actually managed to blow this Popsicle joint for the weekend!  Pig Pen actually "went away"!  This is a monumental event...and we had a blast!  On the way home, he even said, "We should go to Shipshewana some weekend." 

Who are you, what is your name and what have you done with my Pig Pen??!! 
-Thought running thru my little head.

We took a ride down state to see the Tin Man and  Der Mama.  (aka Dad & Connie)  Now on that ride, Pig Pen and I got to talking.  Hold your hats folks....We -  Are -  Gettin' -  Chickens!!  Well, in the spring anyway.  And I didn't even have to bribe him!  He is already plotting away the specs for the coop!  I will leave him to the smart end of the tape measure...

So on this weekend getaway, we went to Arthur, IL and surrounding areas.  I am surely going to win the "Bad Blogger of the Year Award" because I only took TWO pictures. 

Isn't that horrible? 

But we were in the most amazing Amish country and we were totally engrossed in gawking at the most perfect gardens we all wish we had and simply enjoying the day.  Pictures were the farthest from my mind.  Bad Blogger, Bad!

Now here is the good news though...Tin Man only lives 30 minutes from Heaven!  I will do better next time!

So here's the Pay Dirt Part-
Ya know, when you are a little freaky...
back asswards...
and all hillbilly like...- Like us...well we sorta just fit right in down there! 
I found so many things that are hard to find, expensive to buy or that most folks just go..."Whhhaattt??"

Here's the heapin' hill of awesomeness:

We hit up several bulk food stores and Farmer Markets.  Here is one shot of The Tin Man!

And the other shot from the day...the glorious sky!

We did some antiquing too.  I love old stuff!  My only exception to that rule is of course, my darling Pig Pen!

Sadly, we had to re-enter our own atmosphere.  It rained all night.  About 1.25 inches.  The garden is muck, but I had to get some of the weeds.  It was a long day and I'd had enough! 

Here is the garden with all the weeds.  
The helping hands are "My Squatters".
More on them another day!

And here is just the small hurtin' I put on those buggers.  There are always weeds and always another day!

Hope ya'll had as great a weekend as we did!  Thank you Tin Man and Der Mama for a really awesome weekend!  It was so wonderful to spend some time with you's!


  1. Look at you attacking those weeds! The gardens looks great!!

    Still jealous you were visiting Amish Country, and totally think next time you should take me with you. Oh, and shhh...instead of saying you were so in awe of Amish Country and forgot to take pictures...just tell your readers you were just being respectful of the Amish and elected NOT to take pictures. ;)

    By the way, nice score on the goods! You did really well!

  2. Wow we used to go to Shipshewana at least once a year on our way to Chicago. It was where I got my 30 gallon crock (which broke last year) for saurkraut. They are hard to find at a good price. I haven't made it back in about 10 years. Looks like you got some good stuff.

  3. Looks like you guys had SO much fun!!!! We missed you :-) P.S. Addie wants to "Cook with Aunt Di" soon.