Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Happy Got'a Buth-Day to You!

Today is my Dad's Birthday! 

No one is more proud of each and every year than my Dad!  It's definitely a man thing, cuz us gals don't usually like the Happy Got'a Buth-Day song!  That's how he sings it...  He always and intentionally changes the words to any song.  Birthday song is no exception.  He embraces everyday and  no one is a stranger to him.   My Dad is super COOL! 

He loooves the Zoo to this day.  But back in the day...he got us all kicked out.  Yup, three screaming kids and the BIG kid gets us kicked out...For harassing the Gorilla.  He mimicked everything that Gorilla did, right down to the Gorilla throwing his food at my Dad and Dad throwing it back!! 

He's a bit of a "Cryer".  We pride ourselves on making him cry even.  He's crying right now...I can feel it. 

This is when we gave him my Grampa's gun for Christmas.  He thought it had been 'sold'.  Well, it was us...for him.  C'mon Dad...wipe the tears!  :)

Here we made him think he won the Lotto.  That was Pig Pen's doing...but man was it funny! 

And here we are Twenty-One years ago!  YIKEE'S!  Don't we look alike?  Ah...the age-old question! 

In case you haven't figured it out, he has a great sense of humor too.  It keeps him happy and healthy.  He's my Tin-Man.  It's been years now, THANK GOD...he made it thru a heart attack.  That's why he's my Tin-Man.  He not only got his heart healthy, he lived to tell.  I love you, Dad!
Pig-Pen and I are going down this weekend to spend some time with him and my Step-Mom, Connie.  And we are really looking forward to it.

OK, enough of the crying...Hey!  Long & Lanky Loren...your Apricot Jam is ready!  Come N' Get It!

Y'all didn't think I wouldn't share did ya?

Here is the Apricot Jam Recipe made from Boy-Loren's tree.  All the jars sealed and it tastes pretty darn good if I do say so!

Apricot Jam Recipe

8 C Pitted, Diced Apricots
1/4 C Fresh Squeezed Lemon Juice
6 C Sugar

Bring to a rolling boil and stir constantly for - ugh!- 30 Minutes ...then take a shower cuz you stink!
Ladle into your hot jars and seal and let sit for no less than overnight and preferably 24 hours.  If you need more info on jarring, please see my step-by-step here.

Enter save the day (as always) and clean up the mess!  Thanks, Mom!  I think I should hire you out!  I love cheap labor, so all you get is Jam!!!  :)

Today is also the last day to enter a chance to win my Environne Wash Give-Away

Hurry, Hurry!


  1. Happy Birthday to your Dad! And how do you get your Mom to clean up?

  2. Thanks Jane! And I feed Mom...regularly! She raids my fridge nearly every day!

  3. Happy Birthday, daddy-o! Looks like a fun loving guy! And the part where he got Grampa's gun...that was awesome. Made me a little teary! You guys rock!!

  4. Awww!!! Happy Birthday to your Papa! He really is a cool guy! And I thank him every day for giving us our Di!!! Because of him I have YOU in my life!!!

  5. Happy Birthday to your wonderful Daddy!!! He really is so funny and lovable. I hope we get to see him again soon. Enjoy your trip!!!!

  6. Apple Pie Gal's DadJuly 9, 2010 at 9:37 PM

    Thanks to everybody for all the well wishes!