Wednesday, July 7, 2010

How Do You Put a "Sigh" Into Words...

Long Sigh...

I suppose a cry wouldn't get it done all the way either.  Or could it?  If I threw something long and hard, I probably still couldn't hit my target to express the rage ... and disgust.  Helplessness?  Maybe just a little.

Why the Long Sigh?

Tonight I sat down to watch a movie that I need to return to my Step-Mom before we visit them this weekend.

This Movie

If you've seen it, please sigh, cry, puke, rant or something with me here. 

Rant...this is my first...cork is OFF!

If you haven't seen it..DO IT!  DO IT!  DO IT!  Don't be a Sally and turn a blind-eye.  No one likes a Sally!

Some of us know what happens to our food.  I've known.  Not everything of course, but I do embrace awareness.  For some time now, years and years actually. 

Even when it wasn't cool...
Even when people thought I was a freak...
And whatever else they could conjure up to call me or say about me. 
I like "Hillbilly" best.  Seriously, love it.
I DON'T CARE!  Because I care.  You dig? 

You are what you eat and if you knew what you were eatin' and what they are doin''d hurl. 
Be brave. 
Don't be a Sally.  Please don't make me say that again. 
It's a challenge!  Take it!  Watch Food, Inc.

If you are just stumbling in, or if you read my Get To Know Each Other first post, then maybe you caught the part about in the county which has the highest infertility rate in the state.  Enter Disgust and Rage on a selfish level.  I am sorry for that because I am not a selfish person...but it hurts sometimes.  Every miscarriage, every failed IVF cycle.  The blame game?  You bet.  Hence, the "Cry".

What IF I had been more aware sooner?  Ya know it's funny, I am told that PCOS runs in the family.  No one in my huge HUGE family has it.  Just me.  The one who grew up in the wrong county.  Hormones just don't work right and of course, tick tock tick tock.  Umm...could it maybe be because I was shootin' up hormones and just didn't know it?  The wrong kind of course!  Or how about a little pesticide cocktail anyone?  No, maybe ammonia instead?  Oh, sorry...something more palatable?

How bout just a Jack and Coke then?  OOPS...forgot!  High Fructose Corn Syrup!

Heck, I have taught myself to "Can" or "Put Up" just about anything.  I think I will take Pig Pen up on that offer for a wine making contraption thingee he talked about a few years ago.  Then I could at least have a 'clean' drunk.  I mean DRINK!

Care to join me?  I'm a happy drunk...usually.  :)  Doesn't happen often.

I'm putting in a bigger garden next year.  And chickens. 
I love reading all my new blogger friends chicken "stuff". 
I know nothing about them...  
But, alas... me no likey birdies.
I am soooo sorry to confess that to you's!  But I can learn!

Me likey birdies now.  How's that for a start?
If I keep saying it in my head, it'll change, right? 
Must-conform-Pig-Pen.  Might-require-bribery. 
Ugh...we have a hunting bird dog.  I have visions of blood and mayhem already.

MamaTea, Jane...I'm comin' at ya's! 

Hey, how does a chicken lay an egg without a shell???  <-Link for picture if you are curious!

Thanks for hanging in there with me...I'm all better now. 




  1. Totally and completely. I posted in my blog when I watched this movie too. Isn't it amazing? Appalling? Insane? I think it should be required viewing for anyone who eats. :) At least so you're aware. If you choose to watch and ignore, that's your choice. But at least be aware of what is going on. Thanks for posting about this.

    I'm going back to read your getting to know each other post. I like that you rant. And you should totally make homemade wine - nothing better, and yes its clean!! We make a batch every year.

    As far as the egg without a shell...fluke, I guess. I think I read a scientific reason for it once, but I forgot what it was. :)

  2. By the way, after "totally and completely" up there, it should have said "Agree". See I was all fired up, so I forgot how to write...

  3. Oooh! You know how to make homemade wine too? We need to live closer! And I am SO glad you are all fired up..."totally and completely"

  4. DI...I am a Sally. I don't know if I can watch this!! I read only one chapter of that Skinny Bitch book that talks about how freaking HORRIBLE sugar substitutes are for you and I have never used one again. I know that seeing this movie would make me change EVERYTHING and I am scared to do that. Maybe you could ease me in little by little?

  5. Oh no sweet cheeks! I WILL GROSS YOUR WORLD and FREAK YOU OUT! You will be BEGGING Eric to go me. Nope, no can do. It's on!!! You shouldn't be using sugar substitues EVER! Pig Pen would be mad if you did. Think of the honey bees he is working so hard on! And I am going to make MamaTea's apple wine. Your bro and I just talked about it. He is ordering me the buckets. Cork is off Cork is off! As soon as I get back from my Dad's this weekend YOU WILL watch this. ...xoxox

  6. My father was a beef farmer and for some reason took me to the slaughter house when I was 4. I never ate meat again. I also made regular trips to the "chicken farm" and witnessed thousand of birds in battery cages. That was 33 years ago but I can still remember that smell. I saw the horror at a very young age, and imagine how that went over in my family. So I know what its like to be frustrated that others just can't see what they are eating or doing to the world. I am glad food inc. is out there but I already see that people change for a few weeks after seeing it and go right back to the fast food, chemical world because it is easy(my in-laws). If they don't see it, it isn't there. I think that makes me sadder than what is shown in the movie. I am always so glad to see people who, no matter how hard, make a change for life. It gives me hope for this world.

  7. I hear you Jane. My family has alot of farmers too. But none -that I am aware of- on the scale of the movie. Well, I hope. And of course the little farmers got beat out in the growth surge too. So mostly all the farmers I know and have left, raise their small herds in a pasture and for their own food source. That is where I get mine now. But the chickens, no one raises them anymore. I went to bed last night thinking how to proceed with the chickens... And I am an 'odd bird', pun that I am not afraid to make and keep good changes. Probably good that at 4 no one took me to those places in a sense. That had to be really devastating for a kid! I can see why you would have been devasted at least! We are also a family of hunters. Which to me seems more humane than buying a pound of hamburger at the store! It's sad and true as you described that it is easy, fast etc to not do something about it. The things we do to ourselves...all for the almighty dollar!

  8. I'm scared. So.very.scared.

  9. Yeah, that movie made a believer of me, too. I nearly cringe every time I go to eat corn-fed beef. But I can't find grass fed around here. Scary, scary stuff.