Friday, July 16, 2010

Long and Lanky Boys and Their Goofy A$$ Toys - Part TWO

You know ya got yourself a good one when you say, "I wouldn't mind one of them things someday..."

AWE YEAH!  The Apple Pie Gal and Caitlin scored a win for the girls today!

Pig Pen and Long and Lanky Loren came home with a crowd pleaser!

Yup, our very own 4x4 Polaris something'er other!

Here are the boys taking it out of the truck...

Caitlin...yer gonna loooove it!

Here I was learnin' a little bit:

Tinkerin' around a little bit:

Posing a little bit:

And of course we did what any good ole Gal would do...we got her dirty!

Girl Toy

Ahem...Boy Toy

Now you might be wondering, why didn't I get her dirty?
Well, only one minor little thing...she needs brakes.

And I am not to be trusted without them.
Well, it has a foot brake, but again, not to be trusted.
Particularly in reverse! I have issues in reverse!

Everyone came to see TAPG's and Caitlin's toy...Except for Caitlin  :(  She is working :(

Al, "The Mole Hunter" neighbor dude.

The mean helicopter sprayer man.  He got too close for my liking. 

Does he not know I will run him down?  IN REVERSE!

I love Long and Lanky Boys and Their Goofy A$$ Toys!


  1. Aaawwww...his and hers! Mr. & Mrs. Pig Pen!!! Love it! I may have to come down and test it out....after it gets brakes!

  2. Oh, you know those Goofy boys already have it in a million pieces in the garage! Not kidding! It will have brakes very soon, so come on down!

  3. That will be the day that Jan tries it out. Just like the motorcycle, she'll get on only if it has a side car on it Ha Ha!! With all these toys we need to put in a gas station, Right?

  4. Hmmm...That could be arranged! This does however have 4 wheels, so maybe if we drugged her coffee... And yes, we need a gas pump onsite!!

  5. OMG!! It gets scarier and scarier how much we are alike, my dear! I gots myself one of those too, its even red, but its a Honda Foreman. I'm thinking you and I could tear it up in the mud just as well as those long and lanky boys. Hurry up and get those brakes fixed! I wanna see pictures of you gettin' muddy!!!