Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let the Fur FLY!

OK, so I was out of town for the last three days.  Now any good wannabe-farm-girl does what I did!

Arrive back home.

Throw crap in house.

Run...don't your garden!

I had to check on everything.  Beans are finally filling in!  Weeds are relatively under control...

Then I checked the berries...Hmmmm...What the heck is this?

So Pig Pen and I went did something else...

We think it was a cat.

This is why we don't have cats.

I watch my dogs even... I would be a full out Screamin' Mimi if something got hungry and carted off with my kiddies!

But, that's how it is when you live in the country. 
The Fur, it does a' Fly!

Gross!  Seems to be alot of Redrum happening these days!

Here's to happier thoughts...


  1. Poor kitty! Or rabbit? Or something else? Doesn't matter...I still feel sorry for it :-( But hey...way to end with that beautiful picture! Are those in your yard? I'm coming to pick some :-)

  2. That was one gross carcus! Was it morbid of me to zoom in on the picture to see what it was? Can't tell! Beautiful flower though!!!!!

  3. Come over and see for yourself...I sure wasn't moving or touching it!

  4. My guess is bunny or squirrel. I've had many an opportunity to identify animal carcasses...although there's not much left of that one! I know you're jealous of my abilities. :) I like that you ended with the lovely flower picture...a much nicer thing to look at !!

  5. Boy it is hard to kill a cat, kitten maybe. I think a Chupacabra did it! Oh, wait, thats goats.

  6. You guys are like a CSI team! I will have to hone my skills to keep up with you's! This will have to improve before the chickens arrive...So long as I don't have to dance naked under any form of the moon, I should be ok!