Friday, July 23, 2010

There's a Skunk in My Garden!

...And it's ME!

Katidids recently posted about the Sweltering Heat which lead to some fun banter on her comments as well as on mine and MamaPeas too about how we look and worse, how we err....smell. 

So it got me all curious.  When you are working the yard/garden, what do ya wear and how scarey like are ya? 

I have my usual flip-flop feet, tank top and light cotton shorts generally.  And no day goes by that my hair isn't out of my face.  Bandanna's work great for this!  Last year I was the mini-clip queen.  But my scalp kept getting burnt and then it just looked like dandruff.  Eww!

Do you wear Fish Net stockings??  Or do you reserve the hose for securing your plants?  I use knee highs for my fruit trees.  Either hang the hair from your hair brush or a spring clean bar of soap.  It helps keep the munching deer at bay.

I really should use that spring clean soap more on my pits and less on the trees!  Ugh!  It is so hot out there and I sweat like a pig!  I don't mind the sweat at all actually, but Whew doggies!  Things can get as ripe as my tomatoes!

So I am currently using this and have found that it works pretty well, albeit a bit pricey.  And I apply frequently. 

I am not opposed to forgoing the anti-perspirant at all and I know that is the best way to go anyway.  I have tried several deodorant only sticks, crystals/rocks, but none so far that ward of "the stank"!!!   I refuse to give up my search however!  I just got a new "deodorant only" this week and...I'll let ya know how it stands up to the heat! 

So here are the haggish are you in the garden and what is your product of success for the pits?


  1. I try to keep it together when I work outside because you never know who is going to roll down the driveway. Since I board, many owners drop by and I have been on the way to the clothes line in my underwear, and... But with no air conditioning and all this canning tank top and shorts and little else. As for deoderant I make my own and the recipe is on my March 1, 2010 post. Once again if I knew anything about computers I would know how to link that. It works great for me. I sweat buckets and still no smell.

  2. Oh p.s. about that 80's picture, if I had a scanner I would send it to you. Someday soon. Maybe Halloween.

  3. Ok, well let me help the curious is the link to Jane's post for homemade deoderant.
    Copy/Paste if it doesn't link up.

    And as my Mom would say to you regarding me..."Don't give her any more ideas!"

    Which translates to...I'll be trying this one!! :)

  4. The only deodorant I've ever found that works for me is from Young Living. Cheap, no...but good stuff and totally kills the armpit stank that is so rampant when you're out actually doing work. And there's no funky chemicals in it either. Gotta love it! But I say use whatever works for you :)

  5. Arrid XX, with all its nasty chemicals hasn't killed me yet, and I'm heading toward 72 years of age real fast.

    I look like a total slob five minutes after hitting the garden. I shower, shampoo, put on clean clothes and blow dry my hair. Then I go outside, kick off my shoes, get my hands and knees in the dirt, sweat runs down my face, my hair goes flat, and I enjoy every minute of it while hoping company doesn't come. I buy knee high nylons by the 10-pack. No, I don't ever wear them, I cut them in strips to tie up my tomatoes and peppers.

  6. First, I don't garden. Ha. That's funny.

    Second, I sweat like a maniac all the time. Ick. My face is the first thing to go... that's real attractive when you're supposed to be the good looking "ish" bartender. Alas, my hair is always out of my face and I'm freezing my patrons out of our establishment with the a/c!!!

    Third, I wear lots of different kinds but my favorite is my husband's Degree. Just get a scent that isn't too manly. That ish works!

  7. Annie's Granny -you are so much more ambitious! I don't bother showering before hitting the garden! :)

    Chels -Good idea to go for the hubbies!

  8. I stopped wearing any deodorant several years ago. (Okay, I heard that nasty comment!) I never have an odor problem except when I'm so hot I'm uncomfortable. I'll often come in and apologize to whomever is around but (so far) no one seems to notice a bad odor but me!

    A bandanna always covers my hair in the garden. I can't STAND to have wisps of hair in my face or on my neck. Unfortunately, the breeze or just my constantly bending over causes the bandanna to stand up straight in a peak on the top of my head and I've often visited with someone without realizing I look like a total dunce, literally.

    Bandana, old tank top, cotton shorts and really worn out old tennies for shoes. And no deodorant. I am lovely.

  9. MamaPea, I have a visual of you in the garden with your dunce hat on! And yes, you are lovely! LOL!!!